10 Ways Globe Can Make Your Business Flourish


The world is changing, society is transforming, and every day, we find ourselves at the cusp of another technological advancement. Innovation is, and will always be, our primary driver to move and grow businesses built by passion.


Armed with an intimate understanding of our customers and partners, we provide a full range of wireless or wireline ICT offerings for businesses of any size or type.


Through Globe Business, we enable large corporations and catapult their business towards infinite possibilities. Combining our homegrown knowledge of the Philippine market with the latest innovations, Globe Business is able to provide the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how, customized to the needs of the business from a wide range of industries. We create opportunities for growth and progress, not only for enterprises, but also for the entire country.


Our Globe myBusiness maximizes the potential of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) so they can take their passion for business onwards and upwards to achieve success. Offering customizable business solutions designed to fit their needs, Globe myBusiness empowers Filipino MSMEs to embrace the digital shift, giving them the competitive advantage to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, and further grow their business, allowing them to create their own stories of success.


Michael Frausing, Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group, and Derrick Heng, Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness, discuss some of the ways Globe helps drive innovation in business, whether big or small.

With the growing trend for enterprises to go fully digital and as part of its commitment to enable a digital nation, Globe Business is accelerating the adoption of data through cloud technology and digital services across Philippine enterprises with its industry-focused solutions, leveraging on the latest ICT capabilities and innovations that will drive global competitiveness

In 2016, Globe Business strengthened its offerings to the retail, IT-BPO, education, and logistics industries, helping Philippine enterprises to go fully digital, so they can become locally and globally competitive.


Companies in the retail industry, for instance, can benefit from managed security services, mobility solutions, and connectivity solutions that Globe Business offers.


Globe Business offers BPOs solutions such as Canvas, which converts paper-based processes to dynamic, feature-rich mobile apps; Globe Work Ready Seats; as well as Media Storage facilities that help BPOs secure large files for their customers.


Finally, the logistics industry can leverage on ICT to boost operations for companies using solutions such as M2M Fleet Management, managed connectivity services, as well as Canvas to save time and resources from physical processing of forms and other documents, thereby improving efficiencies in the workplace.

MSMEs make up 99% of businesses in the country, making them a major engine of growth according to the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). Globe myBusiness takes front and center to boost the SME industry in the Philippines as it provides customized digital solutions and empowers MSMEs with knowledge on the latest digital trends.


In 2016, Globe myBusiness empowered Filipino SMEs to  embrace the digital shift with its latest portfolio of postpaid plans and innovative business solutions, giving them the competitive advantage to improve efficiency and productivity, reduce cost, and further grow their business.


Globe myBusiness launched the new myBusiness Unli Plus Postpaid Plan, a new mobile postpaid plan that gives them more value for their business with built-in unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM numbers, allowing them to focus on choosing the right business solutions that they need with their plan. The myBusiness Unli Plus Postpaid Plan also comes with a choice of freebie such as mobile data services or discounts to business solutions.


Globe myBusiness also offered the myBusiness Tracker, a do-it-yourself portable GPS tracking solution that enables users to monitor the real-time location of their vehicles and assets. The Globe myBusiness tracker can help SMEs improve delivery planning, real-time monitoring, improve driving habits, and save or avoid unnecessary costs.

Since adopting a “cloud-first” strategy in 2011, Globe has been harnessing the power of cloud technology to help manage costs while pursuing our relentless drive towards sustainability.


We bring the same benefits of world-class wireless solutions to our enterprise clients. These solutions enable their employees to easily access, store, transmit, and manipulate information, files, and applications virtually using any personal computer, tablet, or device.

G Suite, from Google Cloud, is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar to connect the people in a company, no matter where in the world they are.


Other dynamic cloud platforms include Virtual Private Cloud, Back-up-as-a-Service, Microsoft Office 365, and AppMarket. These solutions not only eliminate the demand for server maintenance, updates, deployment, and compliance, but also ensure safer, more accessible email and business operation systems right in the cloud.

Forging strong partnerships with global industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Huawei, and Alcatel (now Nokia) allows us to stay ahead of the pack in digitizing businesses. 


One of our partners is Shopify, a leading global e-commerce platform that customizes websites for any business regardless of product or location. Shopify has a simple user interface that features reports, in-depth analytics, as well as functionalities such as loyalty ratings, reviews, social account integration, live chat, and embedding of marketing materials. 

With Shopify, Filipino entrepreneurs can start their own business in less than five minutes—their gateway to building and managing their own online store. Globe myBusiness has also developed an online bazaar called Digimall, powered by Shopify, which showcases products from local businesses over the web. A weekend “bazaarista” can now sell to anyone with an internet connection, nationwide, or around the globe, at any time or day.

As part of our commitment to help build a digital nation that sees businesses flourish and succeed, Globe keeps large, medium, and small businesses abreast of the latest industry trends by inviting experts and thought leaders.


Globe Business holds its annual Enterprise Innovation Forum (EIF) for leaders and corporations to participate in an insightful learning session and sharing of best practices. The highly anticipated EIF brings together thought leaders and speakers from around the world to instill the importance of innovation in leading businesses and industries.

In October 2016, the seventh annual EIF was held with the theme “Find your purpose: Transform Business to Greatness,” featuring an elite roster of thought leaders top billed by Strategic Communications and Leadership Expert Heath Slawner.


Globe also expanded its presence and reach among MSMEs all over the Philippines through its Globe myBusiness Day caravan, a one-stop exhibit for entrepreneurs that allows MSMEs to explore new business opportunities, find new ways to increase their revenues, and discover new solutions to stay competitive in the digital age. The caravan also enables MSMEs to meet and be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and participate in insightful speaker discussions.


Globe myBusiness and the company’s digital advertising business, AdSpark, also organized DigPH, an annual convention that equips entrepreneurs with up-to-date knowledge on using effective, cost efficient digital tools and platforms to expand and revolutionize their businesses. The country’s largest digital and mobile marketing summit also serves as a venue for entrepreneurs to learn practical tips on social media, e-commerce techniques, and other pressing digital topics that they can apply in their business. 

A stronger nation requires a well-educated and informed citizenry. Thus, we provide schools with innovative, interactive, and cutting-edge learning tools to give students and teachers access to 21st-century learning. Our solutions include the following:


  • Learning Management System for personalized, adaptive, and monitored learning to address student engagement in schools.
  • School Management System for access to consolidated learning resources and tools for better and faster school management decisions.
  • Virtual Private Cloud to eliminate the cost of expensive IT equipment to run new applications for teachers and school staff.

A stronger nation also demands a healthy citizenry. Thus, we help bridge the healthcare gap in the country, particularly in remote and rural areas, by delivering ICT solutions to the healthcare industry.


We launched KonsultaMD in 2015, a 24/7 health hotline service manned by skilled and licensed Filipino doctors who provide over-the-phone medical assessment and advice, including basic healthcare and permissible medication. This addresses problems such as lack of experienced healthcare professionals, limited access to public hospitals and facilities, as well as individual self-medication.

We also mounted the Healthcare Industry Forum, which discussed healthcare industry insights and trends, business apps to mobilize the workforce, and a range of digital marketing tools to make Globe the brand of choice for patients.

We became the first telecommunications company in the country to be certified in business continuity on an enterprise-wide scale (ISO 22301). For our clients and stakeholders, this means assurance that our business is prepared to tackle and survive major calamities and disasters.


We share the same approach in business continuity and disaster recovery with companies from various industries. 

They can outsource their data management requirements and media storage to us to shore up their protection and capabilities in times of unfortunate events.

The unprecedented growth of technology has made data protection and safety a bigger challenge more than ever. Across all industries, the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks and breaches are on the rise, which prompts us to take a more proactive stance.


We take a holistic approach to manage threats and security breaches, and to ease enterprises’ security, compliance, consolidation, and cost concerns. Through solutions such as Managed Security Services that leverage on the latest ICT capabilities and innovations, we take the lead in averting cybercrime attacks and threats.

We also put a premium on customer education. Through our #ProTECH101 campaign, customers learn about the dangers of online crimes and practical tips to keep their accounts and other valuable data safe. 

Globe Business and Globe myBusiness unveiled the country’s first mobile app designed for large enterprises and SMEs to drive better customer experience via self-service account management.


Available for free at the App Store for iOS users and on Google Play for Android users, the mobile app is a self-service, business automation app that gives enterprise and SME customers easier, faster, and more convenient access to their accounts while on the go, providing better and more personalized user control and eliminating the need to transact with traditional customer service channels.

With the Globe Business mobile app, users can view their account details (account name, account type, billing address, plan details, plan inclusion, DUO number, among others), view their bill details and billing statement, file service modification requests such as changing of SIM and plans as well as activation of roaming services, get access to service modification request dashboard to allow viewing of requests filed and status, and send remarks or converse with an authorized Globe agent.


Globe myBusiness also extended its services beyond telecommunications products with the introduction of its free business consultancy services. With this exclusive service, Globe myBusiness helps entrepreneurs review their business processes and operations and provide advice and recommendations to help the business run more efficiently.


Entrepreneurs will be able to get in touch with in-house expert business consultants with certifications on Certified Management Consultants (CMC), Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), EN 16114 Management Consultancy Services, Information Security Management System (ISMS), eSourcing Capability Model, Supply Chain Management, Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC), and Total Quality Management for free.


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