Loyalty is its own reward, and every loyal Globe customer knows it can unlock the door of wonderful experiences, too.


For the entire month of September, all Globe customers, as well as employees and partners who all made Globe the country’s leading mobile company, were treated to rewarding giveaways and on-ground events.


And as the signature Globe prefix ”917” always carried a special bond with our customers, our month-long festival was dubbed ”917." The most special date September 17, 2016 was marked with a full-day event for all customers at the Globe ICONIC entertainment zone at BGC Central at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.


“We have gone through an inspiring and exciting journey with our customers—from milestone services to network upgrades—all bringing us to where we are today. We are grateful to our millions of customers for staying with us and making us as part of their lives. With this 917 celebration, we look forward to sharing with our customers, partners, and employees delightful treats to make wonderful Globe moments with us. We will continue to be inspired by our stakeholders to provide Filipinos reliable services and fast mobile internet and make their digital lifestyle truly wonderful,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said via Facebook Live at the Globe Facebook page.


From trivia to heartwarming stories of family and hope, our loyal Globe customers responded with their own wonderful Globe experiences.

"Our Family’s Globe experiences"


From: Grace

Sent: Oct 9


“My husband and I have been loyal Globe postpaid subscribers for more than 12 years now. Globe has been our means to connect with each other and our extended family and support groups, for both joyful and challenging times of our journey as a family.


We would like to thank you for the wonderful gift of 900+ points each. These gifts had allowed us to bond with our boys after a week-long challenge against cough, colds, and flu virus for the whole family. After our 2nd medical checkup of the week, we were able to have a mini celebration after our doctor assured us we are all recovering or on our way to recovery after being down all at the same time from cough, colds, or flu virus. We had a good treat at Wendy’s in Sta. Lucia Mall. We enjoyed salad, burger, fried chicken, fries, rice, and iced tea together.


Your gift had also allowed us to honor the head and leader of our family—my husband and the father of our 3 sons. He provides for all our needs with all his best. He helps at home with laundry. He takes our boys on biking adventures. He takes us to the doctor when we are all sick. He takes care of himself by biking to work every day. He loves the Lord more than anything else. He is our hero, and we were able to buy him a new polo shirt for the office and a comfortable shirt for recreation activities at the Bench store in Robinsons Metro East.


Thank you for the wonderful gift you have blessed us with this month.”

"Globe experience and why I stayed"


From: Patrick

Sent: Sep 20


“I hope this message finds you well, as my enthusiasm had just pumped up after knowing that I already had 11 years of postpaid subscription to Globe, not to mention the prepaid era in the beginning.


I should not be saying I am under a subscription, more like... I am in a relationship. You see, there are reasons why I stayed with Globe. It’s not a seamless experience, we had fights, annoyance, happiness, surprises, and high expectations. It’s a relationship really.


I rely on signals to get my thoughts across other networks. I look at the Statement of Accounts as if I am planning my finances. Logged in to MyGlobe as if I am checking your Facebook profile. It’s a relationship really.


I got involved in a rebuttal with persons from another network while comparing the benefits when I am in a ‘relationship’, but really any loyalty can be tested across time.


And this is a proven fact for me.


I hope I made my point that Globe is not providing subscription but it is building a relationship that can last.


Have a pleasant day.”




These are published for our Annual Report with prior consent by our Globe customers.


The signature Globe prefix 917 always had a special bond to most of the company’s customers, especially those who are loyal to the brand for over 10 years. Brought to life through the actual date, September 17, 917 serves as the perfect time to set a wonderful celebration nationwide.


Through delightful and rewarding experiences, Globe expresses its gratitude to all its customers for their continued patronage, making it the country’s leading mobile company. For one day, all Globe customers nationwide were in for an exciting line-up of events, treats, and exclusive deals from shopping to food and travel.