Globe Telecom believes that effective Risk Management (RM) practices are crucial to sustaining its profitability and resiliency as a company. Hence, we ensure that RM remains a core capability and an integral part of how decisions are made in the organization to deliver value to our shareholders.


We live out our RM philosophy via three key pillars:


STRUCTURE We strive to cultivate an organizational structure that supports strong corporate governance, clearly defines risk-taking responsibility and authority, facilitates ownership and accountability for risk-taking, and ensures proper segregation of duties. PROCESS We strive to sustain sound processes that facilitate the identification, assessment, quantification, mitigation, management, monitoring, and communication of risks at the enterprise and operational level. We also regularly review our RM processes and policies on a continuing basis and stay abreast of current developments to ensure that we remain robust and relevant, through benchmarking against industry and global best practices. CULTURE We strive to nurture a risk-aware culture by setting the appropriate tone at the top, defining clear accountability for risks, espousing transparency and timeliness in sharing risk information, enabling risk-adjusted decisions, recognizing appropriate risk-taking attitudes, and embedding the right risk skills across the organization.





We posted our highest full-year consolidated service revenues of close to P120.0 billion, 6% higher than the previous record level of P113.7 billion in 2015. The sustained revenue momentum, despite the competitive intensity during the second half of 2016, was driven by the solid growth in data-related products across all segments.


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